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【Monthly ¥3,800 Gal nails】

Gel-nails lover!!


【Monthly ¥3,800 Aroma Facial Treatment】

Facial treatment lover!


【The treatment of Eyelash extentions】¥6,000~

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eye lashes, lasting weeks with regular maintenance. The initial procedure takes approximately 45- 90 minutes, depending on the natural lashes. One individual fake eyelash is applied to one natural eyelash creating a look of stunning eyelashes. It is absolutely pain-free and quite relaxing for the client.

You can have a natural, glamorous or dramatic look and within 90minutes change your short and thin lashes into long and curly.

After full set apply you can follow with infill every 3-4 weeks depend of your needs.

※ I can guarantee you, that your every single lash will be apply properly in right direction and separated from each other.


【Aroma Treatment】 ¥3800~


【Gel nails】 ¥3800~

Gel nails have excellent durability lasting up to a month and they are an innovative type of artificial nail.

Gentle to your nails and strengthen them.

It looks more natural than Sculpture and is nail polish that does not come off.

(Nail's shaping and Cuticle care are included in the price.)

Footbath(only Foot gel nails),nail's Shape,Cutiqule clean and remove rough skin are included.

※If the nails are broken or nail art comes off within 7days,we offer free repair.

※Free acetone nail polish remover(nails done at other salons)for New customer! 


You can expect a friendly welcoming as well as hygienic and professional standards.

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